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Unknowingly, this year passed quietly, time seemed to slip gently between my fingertips, and I also ushered in the last year of college life. Just now, I felt like I was standing under the big clock on Jianghan Road in Wuhan and strolling, feeling the pulse of the city and the accumulation of history. In the blink of an eye, I have arrived in Shenzhen, the city where I have lived for more than half a year. Everything changes so quickly, yet naturally. Living here, I feel a different rhythm and atmosphere.

Travel has become a balance point between my life and work. This year, I have been to countless places, including Huangshan, Anhui, and the surrounding Shexian Ancient City and Lijiang Ancient City. It was my first time to reload and go to Wugong Mountain in Jiangxi; my first time to go to the beautiful MacLehose Trail in Hong Kong, and my first great camping experience in Hong Kong; my first time to the prosperous Macau and see Macau Paris people. The first time I went to the dream destination of Western Sichuan, I saw the snow-capped mountains that shocked me and touched my heartstrings. It was also the first time I went abroad to Malaysia and Singapore alone… This blog is to record and review my experiences, what I saw and what I thought during this year ~

In March last year, I was the first to pluck up the courage to go to Huangshan with my roommate Liu Yang.

Climbing a mountain for the first time in life | Huangshan

Journey to Huangshan ~

#What is it like to climb a mountain for the first time Huangshan Ancient City

How beautiful is Huangshan? I can’t remember it clearly, but the amygdala in my brain still triggered the hippocampus to retrieve the memory. I was reminded of the scene of climbing high that night, looking up at the moon, and seeing a sea of clouds in my eyes. It was a calm night and my hormones soared to 200. This is my first trip with a very frugal mentality. There is a cable car at the foot of Huangshan Mountain that can go directly to the Yingke Pine, but I didn’t take it because I wanted to save money. I think this is my lack of experience the first time. shortcomings. In the early stage, I kept climbing mountains and mountains… I thought, it is indeed one of the five famous mountains, but it is so difficult to climb. It is the first time in my life to climb such a high mountain. What is actually difficult is the mountain. Every time you climb a mountain, there is still a motionless mountain blocking your way, as if a stone hammer weighing a thousand pounds is pressing on your heart, making your breathing confused and your mind numb.

Our adventure started in the afternoon and we didn’t start climbing until 6pm. We climbed hard along the way, and finally saw the breathtaking sea of clouds vaguely at dusk. This may be the first time in my life that I have seen such a beautiful scene up close. When we reached the top of the mountain, the ropeway had stopped operating, allowing us to pause for a moment in the cool mountain breeze before starting our nightly journey down the mountain. Different from the tense atmosphere during the day, the mountain road at night brought a quiet and mysterious experience. After going down the mountain, we quickly found a hotel and stayed~ At night, we were still planning to continue completing the tasks that we had not completed on the first day the next day. ~ But my second leg hurt so much that I chose to travel to another location.

We then headed to small towns around Huangshan to continue our adventure. For example, Hongcun or Xidi, these small towns are famous for their well-preserved ancient buildings and landscapes full of Jiangnan water town characteristics. On a cloudy day, the atmosphere of the town is particularly charming. The bluestone road after the rain, the ancient Huizhou architecture, and the leisurely life scenes form a moving picture. When taking pictures, it is even more unique and full of Jiangnan water towns. unique charm and artistic sense.


During this trip, I realized that my preparations were not adequate, but every traveler and experience I met along the way left a deep impression on me. When I witnessed the spectacular sight of the sea of clouds for the first time, I was so excited that I couldn’t express it in words. The combination of the moonlight at night and the tranquil environment presents an elusive beauty that I have never experienced before.

It was my first time to visit a small town in Jiangnan, and the beautiful scenery there made me linger. The streets are exceptionally beautiful, with small bridges and flowing water and houses, which appropriately demonstrates the unique charm and simple style of the Jiangnan water town. This is not only a physical exercise, but also a spiritual baptism. Climbing high mountains, overlooking the sea of clouds, and looking up at dense or sparse villages, these experiences made me feel the magnificence of nature and the diversity of life.

Looking back at every step I have taken, whether it may be ordinary, difficult, boring, or colorful, it is always a matter of walking through it in a down-to-earth manner, and it is always a matter of feeling and thinking step by step.

There are many climbers coming and going. People climb mountains for different pursuits, whether they are exercising, relieving stress, or enjoying fun. It doesn’t matter. The point is that you do it, he does it, and we do it.

Therefore, Huangshan taught me the first lesson: take the first step bravely, don’t be afraid of strangeness, be brave and go out and see!

Hiking with heavy equipment for the first time in my life | Wugong Mountain

#What is it like to hike alone with heavy equipment

Wugong Mountain Hiking Trip

Hiking ~ The first time I heard this term was in Wugong Mountain.

I often saw the promotions of Jiangxi Tourism Bureau, and I was full of curiosity about Wugong Mountain at that time ~

I hiked Wugong Mountain twice. The first time I brought a tent alone and left immediately. I made an appointment with a carpool online and took me directly to Longshan Village, the starting point of the Wugong Mountain reverse route.

At the starting point, I met a group of friends from Guangdong. They heard that I had to go up the mountain at around three o’clock, and they kindly advised me not to go up the mountain. They could move a bed out for me to sleep. But I kept refusing with the attitude of not bothering others. Later, when I couldn’t be persuaded anymore, I had to give me some food and let me go up the mountain. So, before I started, I had already received help from kind people.

For the first time, I didn’t know the road and there was no signal on the mountain. At that time, I didn’t know that two-step paths were used outdoors (in fact, it’s very important to have a good strategy), and I had to rely on others to find the direction along the way. Wugong Mountain is very suitable for hiking. There are 100,000 acres of alpine meadows here, which are unique among mountains at the same latitude in the world. It is called “outdoor paradise” by travel enthusiasts. Even outdoor novices will fall in love with it. When I went to the top of the mountain, it was close to evening. It was dark and the wind was very cold. I felt like my nose kept running for about four or five minutes. A very strong sense of fear and acquiescence came to my heart. I was afraid that if I was alone at night, what would happen to me? It’s dark, there’s no direction, there’s no place to sleep, and you might freeze to death on the road. While heading forward in the cold wind, I vaguely saw a sunken lawn in the middle with shining lights. I guessed that there might be accommodation on the top of the mountain, so I found a place to stay and dinner for the night. At the top of the mountain, you can sit alone on Cao Cao Mountain, sitting quietly on the top of the mountain with an altitude of more than 1,600 meters, watching the sunrise, sunset, and clouds. I met a lot of interesting friends on the outdoor road for the first time. At that time, I was quite shy and didn’t dare to strike up a conversation~ I also learned about the MacLehose Trail, and it was the first time I heard about this hiking route in Hong Kong. Very beautiful sea view, leaving suspense in my heart ~

Alpine meadows, sea of clouds, starry sky… walking through Wugong Mountain, for the first time, I fell in love with the mountains

The second time I found an outdoor group on Xiaohongshu and signed up for the group trip. I was also with my classmate Liu Yang. The second time we set off very early, we took a bus from Wuhan to Jiangxi with the group, which took about four hours. The drive was long and tiring, but the journey was enjoyable. During the break, some people in our car started throwing Frisbees (it was actually quite funny. They flew the Frisbees from downtown Wuhan to the top of Wugong Mountain, and the whole process was made into a video ~) There are also professional photographers and group leaders in the group, which is more suitable for novices to travel for the first time hahaha, but I have already been here once ~


It was my first time to go to Wugong Mountain. I met many interesting strangers on the way, and I felt a strong sense of strangeness, fear, and loneliness. I believe that many wanderers living abroad will feel this way occasionally. For example, you pass by an alley in a big city community. The alley is lined with cypress trees. A small warm light comes from the window next to it. Suddenly, your eyes flash like a group of people walking on the road laughing and laughing when you were coming home from school. …

Starting from hiking on Wugong Mountain, I discovered my love for hiking. I like to enjoy the beautiful scenery while traveling, and I also like to record these beautiful moments and share them with others. Travel is not only a physical migration, but also a spiritual wandering. I enjoy thinking about life and having in-depth discussions about culture while traveling. My curiosity about the world drives me to explore the unknown.

This kind of love makes me always full of expectations during the journey. Every hike is a challenge and breakthrough to my own limits. I think about the relationship between man and nature, and the exchanges and collisions between different cultures. Traveling makes me realize that although we live in the same world, people in different places have very different lifestyles and values.

I also learned to appreciate the uniqueness of each culture during my travels. Whether it is a distant foreign country or the local culture around me, there is endless charm waiting to be discovered. Every thought during the journey gave me a deeper understanding and understanding of life.

The world is so big and we happened to meet each other at the same moment and the same second. It is really a fate worth cherishing!

A person’s journey is very unknown and sometimes lonely, but it is also very happy and free-spirited. With the companionship of travel friends, I also gained a lot of touching and enthusiasm along the way.

Going to work for the first time in my life | Shenzhen | Sanshui Line | Shenzhen Shifeng

What does it feel like to spend a little time climbing on a fast-paced weekend Shenzhen Ten Peaks

The days of internship

When I was working in Shenzhen, the pace was very fast. How fast was it?

I probably go outdoors twice a month, and when I go out twice, the rest of my time is occupied by work and study.

So it is very necessary to find a balance between holidays and weekends. For me, one of the things that attracts me is the outdoors ~

Shenzhen has ten peaks: Wutong Mountain, Qiniang Mountain, Dayanding, Meishajian, Dabijia Mountain, Yangtang Mountain, Tanglang Mountain, Phoenix Mountain, Danan Mountain, and Lianhua Mountain.

I would go mountain climbing on weekends when I had free time, and I had climbed almost all of Wutong Mountain, Dayanding, Meishajian, Tanglang Mountain, and Danan Mountain. Including the most difficult hiking route in Shenzhen, the Sanshui Line, and the most unique route in Shenzhen, the East-West Chongqing. Not only in Shenzhen, I have also climbed some mountains around Guangdong, such as Huangniu Shi. It was the first time I climbed a mountain at night, and I met a very good friend. That night was my first night hike, so I wasn’t very well prepared. I just carried a flashlight and set off. The car started to leave at 8 o’clock the night before and didn’t arrive at the starting point until 1 in the morning. We spent the whole night in the car. At three o’clock in the morning, we started climbing the mountain. The route in Huangniu Shi was quite dangerous. It was all gravel roads and mountain trails. There might be very steep cliffs next to the mountain trails. Every step is like walking on the edge of a cliff, carefully. I met two good friends on the road, namely Archer and Sun.

Archer was my friend who always walked behind me to help me light the way while hiking in the middle of the night. I am very grateful to him. If it weren’t for him, the risk factor of the journey would have increased exponentially, which gave me a strong sense of security. Sun is a girl who is very, very good at playing drones. She is very lively and comfortable. To be honest, when I went to MacLehose Trail later, a friend from Hong Kong didn’t know how to fly a drone, and he received guidance from Sun, hahaha. We saw a beautiful sunrise the next day. Archer likes to bring snacks. He shared a lot of snacks with me along the way. I am very grateful to him. When we are tired, we lie together on a wide lawn mountain, overlooking the villages in the distance, the top of the mountain, rivers and streams, blowing the wind and basking in the sun, it is very comfortable ~


I tend to seek out places that are quiet and off the beaten path, although I am occasionally attracted by crowds and excitement.

On weekends, I am either immersed in work in the company or immersed in books in the library. I often want to escape from these and chase the afterglow of the sunset or the glory of the sunset. When the sun gradually disappears, the sky is covered with orange-red sunset, the lights of the city light up one by one, the sound of waves hitting the rocks in the distance, and the chirping of insects at night, all these together weave a peaceful and profound picture, which makes me profound I experienced a sense of relaxation, which was like a decompression of the soul, allowing tense emotions to be released.

However, sometimes I choose to stay at home, lie lazily, browse short videos, read novels, or catch up on TV series. Although such a casual lifestyle brought temporary comfort and ease, deep down I longed for more than just that. I am eager to explore, and I long for the dopamine stimulated by novel experiences, which drives my emotions and mobility and fills my life with more color and motivation.

What I long for is deeper exploration and experience, the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that comes from personal experience. Whether standing alone on the top of mountains or exploring ancient cultural sites for traces of history, these experiences have brought me not only visual shock, but more importantly, inner enrichment and growth. These experiences, Not only does it boost my mood and mobility, it also keeps me passionate and curious about life ~

First time camping in life | Hong Kong | MacLehose Trail

What kind of mentality did you have when camping for the first time Hong Kong New Year

Hong Kong Journey

Hong Kong is a place I have been looking forward to for a long time, especially the MacLehose Trail, which inspired my long-standing desire to see the sea and climb mountains. Before coming to Shenzhen, I had already gone to the Immigration Bureau to apply for a Hong Kong and Macau pass to prepare for going to Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, I have been to Section 2 of MacLehose Trail in Hong Kong three times, once to Section 1 of MacLehose Trail in Hong Kong, and once to Section 4 of MacLehose Trail in Hong Kong. In addition to the MacLehose Trail, I have also been to many small islands and hills in Hong Kong, such as Putai Island, Baihu Mountain, and Tamen Island.

I think the sea view of MacLehose Trail is the first in my mind. I later went to Malaysia and Singapore, and I felt that the sea view there was not as good as MacLehose Trail. The clear water of Lang Ke has always been sky blue and has been dubbed “the most beautiful beach in Hong Kong” by many people.

The first time I went camping was with friends, and all I did at that time was a heavily loaded camping experience. Everyone carried a lot of water, tents, and gas tanks, and set out with utensils. The sun was scorching along the way, and it was almost late when we arrived at Sai Wan, Hong Kong. We put up the tents with the remaining light. It was my first time to set up a tent at that time, and I didn’t know how to set up a tent at all. Thanks to my elder brother’s step-by-step instructions, I finally… When I went camping on Tapen Island for the second time, I still didn’t know how to set up a tent hahahaha… But the third time I was forced to set up a tent by myself. Tent was forced to learn.

After setting up the tent, sleep in the tent and listen to the gentle sound of the beach and the wind, which is like a natural lullaby, allowing you to sleep a particularly peaceful night.

In addition to hiking and camping in Hong Kong, the urban area is also worth taking a citywalk. This vibrant international metropolis not only attracts outdoor enthusiasts with its hiking and camping activities, but its urban area is also a very attractive citywalk destination. From bustling streets to historic buildings, from vibrant markets to world-class shopping malls, Hong Kong’s urban area presents a diverse face, a perfect fusion of Eastern and Western cultures.

Walking around Hong Kong’s urban areas, you can experience the city’s unique rhythm and lifestyle. The skyscrapers in Central, the view of Victoria Harbor in Tsim Sha Tsui, and the hustle and bustle of Mong Kok. Each place has its own unique story and charm. Hong Kong’s cultural landmarks, such as the Star Ferry, Victoria Peak, historic markets and temples, are great options for experiencing Hong Kong culture.


Going to Hong Kong is my first exposure to a new culture and system. Outdoor friends in Hong Kong like to exercise, love and enjoy life. And there is a natural sense of freedom and relaxation. One night while taking a taxi, an older grandfather, probably in his seventies, violently punctured the tire while reversing. Then he calmly played some music and started repairing the tire hahaha. The people there are very, very friendly like the outdoor enthusiasts in the interior. If you are feeling unwell on the road, you will easily be noticed and taken care of.

Many friends say: “Camping can only be done 0 times or N times”, which means that after camping once, you will never stop.

But no matter where I have been, no matter how many times I have participated, the most unforgettable thing is the first time I went camping: the feeling of being full of anticipation but nervous about camping is still unforgettable: I am looking forward to it because I just bought a new tent, and I have a feeling for outdoor camping. The feeling of novelty, but the uneasiness is the fear that the entire campground will only consist of the three or five friends who set out together, and the entire campground will only consist of our three or four tents…

Of course, when I arrived at the campsite later, I realized that I had really overthought it: the campsite was already filled with many colorful tents, and I discovered that we are not the only ones who like a different life in the world. After camping, I also discovered: It turns out that this The world can still play like this! The most important thing is that when you lie down in the tent, you can see the stars in the sky that cannot be seen in the city, and you can watch the sunrise and sunset while lying down. It is really a very good feeling.

Slowly, I learned how to cook the first meal in my life while camping. I learned how to barbecue, learn to stir-fry, learn to fry rice, learn to fry fruits, and learn to make tea. A table and a chair, sit on the grass, facing the sea or the sunset, and drink to freedom!

It was also my first time to come into contact with Citywalk in Hong Kong. Citywalk in Hong Kong is more than just a simple stroll, it is a journey to deeply explore the unique charm of this city. Every time you turn a corner, you may encounter a different surprise. Every time you stay, you can feel the pulse of this city more deeply. During subsequent city trips, I also fell in love with the culture of walking around the city~

The first snow mountain in life | Chengdu | Western Sichuan

Do you want to see western Sichuan The first snow mountain in your life Chengdu Western Sichuan Chongqing

The first and second snow mountain trip

Everyone has a snow mountain dream, and so do I.

The first snow mountain that I fearlessly experienced in my life was *Haier*Dang, with an altitude of about 4500. The second snow mountain was about 4800.

When I first started exploring outdoor activities, I had almost no knowledge about snow-capped mountains and lacked professional mountaineering equipment. I could be said to be a complete outdoor novice, but it was this fearlessness of the unknown that drove me to embark on the journey. An unknown journey.

Together with two friends from Chengdu, we drove to western Sichuan, planning to visit the Aba Tibetan Autonomous Region and the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Region in seven days. First, I lived in Chengdu for a few days and experienced the food, living atmosphere, and culture of Chengdu. What makes me fond of this city is Chengdu’s cycling green lanes and the slow pace of life in Chengdu. My friend works here in Chengdu. Once we made an appointment for dinner and talked with him about the city of Chengdu. He felt that Here in Chengdu, I am still very busy and stressed, and I say that when I feel stressed, I go to a tavern to play guitar. Me: ???, I seem to have forgotten the pressure and tension in the busyness and fast pace of Shenzhen. Shenzhen has no time and energy to think about how to relieve stress. Maybe this is the way to survive that Shenzhen taught me.

On the way to western Sichuan, we passed the site of the Wenchuan earthquake. With a heart of deep sympathy and awe, we stay for every step of our journey in the world, especially for the land of Wenchuan. We were deeply shocked by the collapsed schools still standing in the ruins and the traces left by the earthquake. These dilapidated buildings are not only witnesses to natural disasters, but also a somber reminder of the fragility of life.

Standing in this place that had experienced great sorrow, I couldn’t help but think. These sites make me think about the relationship between man and nature, and how to build a more resilient and flexible society while respecting nature and understanding its power. My heart is full of respect and sympathy for the people who once lived here, and for the families who lost loved ones in the disaster.

On this trip, I was arranged to take a nap in the car. Just when I was half asleep and half awake, my friend suddenly called me loudly, “Awei, look!!!!” I opened my eyes in a daze, and was shocked by the scene outside the window - the endless pure grassland. , majestic snow-white mountains stand in the distance. At that moment, I seemed to wake up from a dream. The scenery in front of me was clear and sacred. It made me forget the fatigue of the journey and was only left with awe and admiration for nature.

A few days ago, we drove around various routes in western Sichuan. We were going to Dagu Glacier, but the Dagu Glacier was closed at five o’clock. It was a pity at first, but I heard that there is a small road that leads to a dead end, where you can see the beautiful snow-capped mountains. We were very excited to drive there. Because that route is newly opened, there are people blocking the road there and asking for a fee to enter. They even have to drive a local to enter. We paid and they took us into the snowy mountains. The journey was relatively long, but the mountain scenery along the way was stunning. It was my first time to reach an altitude close to 4,000. When we got to the roadside, we took some photos with the snow-capped mountains and the new road. The altitude sickness forced me to suppress my unbearable feet and walk slowly, approaching the snow-capped mountains.

Later we started to really take our steps and stepped into the first snow mountain we chose, which is an entry-level snow mountain *Haier*Dang. Although it is said to be entry-level, don’t be misled. Entry-level snow mountains are still very difficult for ordinary people, especially domestic entry-level snow mountains, which are basically above 4000. Altitude sickness is very uncomfortable for me ( Maybe it has something to do with my physique).

If conditions permit, you can try European and American peaks, where the snow line is even lower. The United States, Canada, and Europe have a large number of suitable peaks with routes below 4,000 meters above sea level, so there are very few high altitude situations. Generally, you can travel quickly with light equipment. Mainly climbing, some snow-capped mountains are traditional walking on snow slopes. And the accessibility to most of the peaks is excellent.

We usually drive out in the morning and hike on the trail for about 2-4 hours to reach the starting point of the route. We put on safety belts and crampons (or change to climbing shoes), tie on ropes, and do not need to camp for a quick climb. At 3 p.m. When I return to the hotel in town at four o’clock, I can take a comfortable hot shower, feel clean and have a satisfying dinner in comfort. This is also my favorite way of climbing: not for the purpose of climbing to the top or changing the altitude, but to enjoy the climbing process wholeheartedly; while climbing, think about what movements and tools to use to get to this difficult point, and understand your own technical and ability deficiencies. , and make up for it through practice; use a vacation to climb mountains, rather than a tortured way to fight for endurance. This is what I understand to be the true meaning of “enjoying the joy of climbing”.

We climbed two entry-level snow mountains in two days, and the second one was Lanbinghaizi. When I climbed Lanbinghaizi, my altitude sickness was worse than the first day. On the first day, I felt that I was obviously full of strength, but my walking was limp. The second one has a headache, dizziness, and a feeling of vomiting. I had to replenish a lot of energy and medicine on the way, but I still insisted on not taking oxygen along the way. For me, if I don’t take oxygen as a last resort, I might make myself overly dependent on oxygen later, which is not a good thing. After a difficult climb up, I saw the Snow Mountain Journey. I think the most beautiful scenery: Snow Mountain! I passed by a paradise on earth

Afterwards, we rested for a day in Chengdu and then headed to the next city: Chongqing.

At the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Chongqing became the capital of Daxia at that time. During World War II, Chongqing was the wartime capital of China and the Far East command center of the World Anti-Fascist War.

Chongqing, a mountain city located at the confluence of the Yangtze River and Jialing River, is famous for its unique geographical location and rich history and culture. When we set off from Chengdu and arrived in Chongqing after a day’s rest, the unique charm of this city was immediately apparent.

The name of the mountain city is not in vain. The buildings in the city are almost built along the mountains and are well-proportioned, forming a unique three-dimensional urban landscape. When night falls, looking from any high point, the lights are bright and contrast with the city surrounded by mountains and rivers, showing a different kind of beauty.

Chongqing not only has unique topography, but also has extremely rich culture. From hot pot to Chuanchuan incense, from the Liberation Monument to Hongya Cave, every place carries a strong historical and cultural atmosphere. Moreover, Chongqing is a city full of modern vitality, where the old and the new blend, and the tradition and modernity collide, creating a unique urban culture and lifestyle.

We experienced the excitement of shuttling through narrow mountain paths, and we could also feel the majestic waves of the Yangtze River. In an authentic Chongqing hot pot restaurant, eat Jiugongge hot pot and experience a food experience that is so spicy that it makes you cry but you can’t stop.

Feelings during the snow mountain journey

Chengdu is a very suitableYou really live in a city where you live and retire. Only after experiencing the city for a period of time will you know whether you are suitable for such a city. Maybe for me, Chengdu is not very suitable for rock climbing on my own. But it’s very suitable for settling down and retiring here in the future ~

This experience of passing through the Wenchuan Earthquake Site is not only a simple travel memory, but also a spiritual touch and growth. It reminds us that as travelers, we should explore the world with awe, learn to learn from every experience, and enhance our appreciation of life and our sense of responsibility to society. This kind of experience makes our travel more meaningful, and it also allows us to cherish every experience and encounter in our future journeys, and experience the peaceful and healthy life we have now.

Snow-capped mountains opened the door to a new world for me. Snow-capped mountains are really beautiful and pure. I understood why snow-capped mountains are called sacred mountains. This title comes from the sacred belief and reverence for mountains in many cultures and religions. Snow-capped mountains are regarded as the connection point between heaven and earth because of their sublime, majestic and eternal characteristics, and are the places where gods live.

Chongqing is a very unique city, and it can retain its own characteristics very well. I like Chongqing’s personality very much! I think the difference between Chongqing and Chengdu is that Chongqing has its own characteristics, which are well preserved and suitable for experiencing Chongqing’s culture and tourism. Chengdu is an inclusive city that is willing to change itself for the sake of the outside world.

Going abroad for the first time in my life | Malaysia | Singapore

When I travel abroad alone and see the world Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Penang Singapore Macau

Travel to Malaysia | Singapore | Macau

In 2024, I took my first trip abroad.

That night when I set off from Shenzhen Baoan Airport, I packed my bags and was filled with anticipation and curiosity about the upcoming journey. In the hustle and bustle of the airport, I felt that unique mixture of nervousness and excitement before traveling. Boarding, security check, waiting, every step reminded me that a new adventure was about to begin.

I waited until midnight at the Shenzhen Airport. When I was in Shenzhen, the customs lady patiently reviewed every hotel itinerary of mine.

It was already morning when we arrived in Kuala Lumpur. The city seemed alive even in the morning.

After a few days in Kuala Lumpur, I embarked on my journey to Penang. Penang is a place full of historical stories. On the streets of George Town, I seemed to have traveled back in time. I think the Tang culture in Penang is well preserved, even better than that in China. Here I met travelers from all over the world and we swapped stories in a local cafe. In the evening, I booked a youth hostel on the Indian Street side. I will live in Penang for two days and fully experience the culture and humanity of Penang. What I feel is that the Chinese here are very smart and very warm-hearted. I bought a doll and a Buddha statue in a Chinese store, as well as a Malaysian wooden plate. I really like these handicrafts. In the fast pace of China, it is even rare to see such handicrafts.

In Penang, I also went to the Penang Penang Hill Train that I saw on Little Red Book a long time ago, fulfilling a long-cherished wish.

My first impression of Singapore was that it was well-ordered and that modernity and nature coexisted harmoniously. In Gardens by the Bay, I was struck by the super trees and their brilliant lights at night. Here, I also met an enthusiastic Chinese who shared Singapore’s culture and history with me. This chance encounter made me deeply feel the openness and friendliness of Singaporeans. Singapore’s sense of technology and the future are very harmonious with nature. Overall, I like the rhythm of Singapore very much. Everyone works hard and is confident. I got up very early in the morning, but there are still many people in Singapore running and exercising before 7 o’clock. Moreover, Singapore encourages exercise. There are many free water, rest tents and fans on the roadside.

The last stop of the journey is Macau. Although it was only a few hours' flight from Singapore to Macau, the cultural differences made me feel as if I was in another world. Macau is very bustling at night, which is very suitable for taking photos. The Portuguese ruins and modern casinos in Macau are intertwined, giving me a deeper understanding of the history and modern development of this small town.


This trip from Shenzhen allowed me to experience the collision of different cultures and meet all kinds of people. Every encounter gives me a deeper understanding of human nature. I also came into contact with the cultures of different countries, which gave me a better tolerant attitude towards the world and every country, ethnic group or cultural individual. Travel is not only a physical movement, but also a spiritual growth. Every stop and every experience has taught me to appreciate the beauty of different cultures and understand the lives of people from different backgrounds. This trip was a priceless life experience for me.

During this trip, I spent most of the time with myself, making my own strategies, preparing for communication, walking by myself, feeling my body, and spending some time walking in the ancient city and cycling in the city. I think I can achieve the task. Places to go. It can be an hour on a beach to completely relax. It can be walking between buildings and streets without looking at your phone and walking seriously. Say hello to strangers when you meet them. I find that chatting with strangers is so interesting, especially when you are in different cultures and have cultural collisions that spark sparks. Maybe some ideas are shattered and you try to piece together new ideas and ideas.

I also met a lot of friends on this trip. There was a girl who also traveled to Malaysia and Singapore, and was also planning to go to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. I admired her courage and execution ability very much. After chatting with her for a while, she said: “For me, traveling to many countries is actually not a skill, but the people I meet along the way and the things that happen constitute precious memories.” She described the things she met every day. The things I did, the food I ate, the people I met, and the topics we talked about were all recorded. This is something I find very interesting.

I also met a remote worker, or digital nomad. We met at a youth hostel in the center of Kuala Lumpur. He is also an open source worker and a github enthusiast. At this moment, he feels like he has found a confidant in a certain dimension.

When I was eating at a hard restaurant, a handsome Indian guy smiled and laughed all the time while chatting with me, but I always felt a little unable to hold it in. I feel that he is a person who is willing to help others, he will guide and communicate with you patiently. I will not feel annoyed because I have difficulty communicating with you. Instead, I will guide you very patiently and communicate with you using your language and performance. We have an Alipay here, which is called Alipay abroad, but they named it Alipay. It took me a long time to react, haha. After eating, he kept chasing me to ask if it was delicious and how it tasted. He also told me that I rarely meet a Chinese person eating here (I thought to myself: the taste is indeed a bit off, hahahaha), so I quickly praised it and left.

How to prepare for your first time in life?

#Take the first step

I think it is very important to prepare and search for resources in advance. Preparation includes insurance, corresponding currency, clothes, medicines, hotel itinerary, and your own identity information (ID card, passport, pass) prepared before departure.

The search capability is more about some strategies and some detailed searches. If it is domestic, Xiaohongshu may be the most suitable platform for ordinary people and the public. In addition, you can search on google for more details, similar articles and guides.

In fact, there are some details that need to be combined with your own thinking. Because it is impossible to guarantee that everyone’s itinerary and the people they meet will be exactly the same, it is necessary to do more research and synthesize the information. For example, in Singapore or Malaysia, it is said on the Internet that Chinese can be spoken smoothly, but after I went there, I found that only in a few cases did I meet Chinese speakers. Even some Chinese cannot speak Mandarin. They may have been speaking English since the second generation of Chinese, or they may have their own combination of Malay, native dialect, and English accent.

future ……

#Uncertainty #Don’t be afraid #Loss? Get? #Explore the unknown #Talk about my curiosity #The meaning of travel

My dad very much encourages me to travel, to live a life worth remembering for a lifetime while ensuring safety. While I am still young, I want to go out and see more, to experience various cities, beautiful scenery, and cultures. Meeting all kinds of people is what I love and pursue.

Everyone has a different perspective on travel.

Some people say that travel is an exploration of the unknown world.

It’s about seeing scenery you’ve never seen before and experiencing a different life.

Some people say that traveling is an escape from the shackles of reality and a cleansing of an agitated soul.

I have been thinking about what the meaning of travel is, is it to gain more knowledge? But it seems that I am only traveling for a short time. Travel is not life after all. Travel is the balance between life and work. I think in the classroom, on the playground, on the station wagon, on the top of the mountain, lying on the lawn, on the beach looking at the sea, and walking on the streets abroad.

At that time, I seemed to understand that this is the meaning of travel. Travel is about constant thinking, thinking about why Singaporean Chinese do not know Chinese, why Malaysian Chinese retain Chinese so well, and why Muslim women wear headbands. It turns out that my vision is too narrow, and traveling is just a way to expand my horizons. Enrich your own inclusive mentality and better understand the cultures of other countries, other ethnic groups, and their beliefs.

After I got to know many friends, I found that even though many of them knew that it would be difficult to meet them again, the influence they left on you, bit by bit, touched your behavior, and the interaction between your spirit and soul that you had had remains. . Many friends, even if we no longer see each other, even if they meet only once. Although many things are beautiful and although you like them, they cannot be taken away and do not belong to you. Once you understand this, you will become indifferent and open-minded. I think this is the meaning of travel.

At this point, my first year of travel is over. I am continuing to prepare for visas for other countries. I hope that the next trip will have new manifestations and that I will devote myself to travel in a better way ~

However, you still need to continue to learn and supplement your English language expression skills, and become familiar with the cultures and beliefs of various countries and nations.

In this majestic and vast planet, we cannot change the trajectory of the sun and tides, but we can escape from the known repetitive life in this life, do what you want to do, and become a better version of yourself.

A thousand people have a thousand attitudes towards travel. Leaving the familiar environment, exploring the unknown world, appreciating the unseen scenery, appreciating the strange customs, and walking aroundGaining different life experiences while stopping is the purpose of travel. So, traveling is actually meaningless. Traveling is just about becoming a better version of yourself.

See you in 2024! I hope that by then, we will have some new thoughts~

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