Hello, I am Xiong Xinwei.

In the river of time, I’m so honored to step into this significant moment of my senior year. More than just a student, I’m passionate about writing those pulsating codes. Hence, I became an avid follower of open source. Welcome to explore my digital realm—My GitHub. Here, you will witness my love for technology, my third-generation blog, and I hope it becomes the ultimate link for my conversation with the world.

Among countless communities, OpenIM stands out like the shining Polaris, guiding me forward, nourishing my tech-savvy heart, and inspiring me to take real actions.

However, my life doesn’t merely revolve around the screen. From now on, the world is no longer a book, but the vast land unfolding beneath my feet. The call of the outdoors delights me. Whether it’s my solo adventures or merry gatherings with friends, every step is a tribute to nature and an exploration of life.

I seek the profound meaning of open source and continuously get insights from reading:

  • “The Road to Open Source Success”: It made me realize that every success is not accidental but a reward for the thorn-covered paths trodden.
  • “The Cathedral and the Bazaar”: Open source isn’t just about code sharing; it’s about heart-to-heart communication and a pursuit of freedom and innovation.
  • “Hackers and Painters”: This piece remains my favorite to this day, reminding me that true value lies not in what you have, but in what you create.

> “Your value depends on what you create, not what you possess."

This saying is my daily mantra, motivating me to keep moving forward and create my own wonders.

To me, open source is a journey filled with the unknown and challenges. Yet, I yearn to meet more fellow travelers on this path, to share and co-create with you.

I sincerely invite you to join me in exploring this world full of possibilities.