Automate Multi-Architecture Image Build for openkf and Push to Multiple Image Repositories


To meet the requirements of a diverse set of users, we aim to automate the process of building the openkf Docker images for various architectures and push them to multiple image repositories seamlessly.


  • Automatically build Docker images of openkf for linux/amd64 and linux/arm64 architectures.
  • Push the images to Docker Hub, AliYun Docker Hub, and GitHub Container Registry.


  1. Setup Multi-Architecture Build System
    • Use GitHub Actions with QEMU and Docker Buildx to support multi-architecture builds for linux/amd64 and linux/arm64.
    • On every new release, commit to the main branch, or scheduled event, trigger the build process.
  2. Support Multiple Image Repositories
    • Docker Hub: Push to openim/openkf-server.
    • AliYun Docker Hub: Push to
    • GitHub Container Registry: Push to
  3. Dynamic Image Tagging
    • Use Docker Metadata Action to generate dynamic tags based on events such as scheduled triggers, branch commits, pull requests, semantic versioning, and the commit SHA.
    • Ensure the built image does not get pushed during pull request events.
  4. Authentication & Security
    • Configure authentication for Docker Hub, AliYun, and GitHub Container Registry using secrets.
    • Ensure a secure and seamless push operation for each repository.
  5. Notifications & Logging
    • Send notifications to the development team in case of any build or push failures through GitHub Actions.
    • Maintain logs for every build and push operation for traceability.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • The openkf image should be built successfully for both linux/amd64 and linux/arm64 architectures.
  • Upon successful build, the image should be available on Docker Hub, AliYun Docker Hub, and GitHub Container Registry.
  • Properly tagged images based on the defined events and attributes.
  • No manual intervention required during the entire process.

Additional Notes:

  • The automation process is defined in the GitHub Actions workflow. Ensure to review and update the workflow as needed.
  • Make sure to test the process in a separate branch or environment to avoid disruptions.

Feedback and further recommendations are welcome.